Health Care

YOUR Health Care is YOUR Choice

Two weeks to flatten the curve. Two weeks, we were told.  Two weeks turned into months, then into years as we watched COVID go from a pandemic to a political tool.  It was used to instill fear so that we would trust the Government to tell us what to do rather than trust our own instincts and our own research.

As if battling this virus within our families wasn’t enough, we had to battle the Government, Schools, Doctors, and our Employers in a fight for our medical rights.  COVID vaccine mandates should have NEVER existed.  

Along with the battle for medical freedom came the battle against wearing masks.  Schools required children to wear a mask for eight hours a day, five days a week. After a period of time, research demonstrated that prolonged wearing of masks was detrimental to our health, causing maceration of the skin, inhaled bacteria, and psychological damage. Yet, we still had to push back against the government and health organizations.

I believe firmly in the right of Self Ownership.  I trust that YOU can decide for yourself the best course of action to take when it comes to what goes into your body.  The same is true for making decisions for your children.  I trust that YOU are educated enough to make decisions regarding your own health care.  Those decisions should never be decided by our Government.

If you elect me on November 8th, you can rest assured that I will fight for your medical freedom.  I will defend your right of Self Ownership.

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