Hi there! I’m glad you stopped by! I’m Catherine Dreher, and I’m a Political Activist. I have a love/hate relationship with politics and, no matter how hard I try to stay away, we end up reunited. I think I’ve finally succumbed to this fate.

A little about me. I live in the country in Lincoln County, Missouri. I hate injustice. I strongly dislike big government. And I think you probably know better how to live your own life than I do.

I believe in the principles of self-ownership, individual liberty, and limited government. These aren’t just principles I believe in, but I’ve also worked to protect and promote these at the local and state level. Most recently, I ran as the Libertarian Party Candidate for Missouri State Senate District 10. In a two-way race against a well-known Republican, I brought in over 22% of the votes! Which tells me, people are ready for REAL liberty.

I lived in St. Charles Co. for 12 years. During most of that time, I was part of a very small group of individuals who worked to get Red Light Cameras banned in the county. Obviously, we were successful! I ran for Cottleville Fire Protection Board because people wanted to see someone on the board who was interested in protecting how tax dollars were being spent. I served on the County Board of Zoning Adjustment and the Cottleville Planning and Zoning Board so I could protect private property rights. Working within local government to secure our liberties is a long-standing passion of mine.

When I moved to Lincoln County, I immediately looked for the best way I could get involved in local politics. That’s when I began working on Mike Wood’s campaign for Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney. I helped lead his door-knocking efforts. I knew it was an important race for the community and a place where I could see liberty triumph over corruption.

Polls show that 75% of Americans are dissatisfied with the state of the Country, yet it’s a state voters put us in year after year. The two-party system is a broken system. People are tired of promises being broken. I have a history of standing up for liberty, even when it is unpopular.

I go where liberty goes. Where ever it needs defended or protected, I try to be there. I hope you’ll join me. Because liberty is always worth fighting for.

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